Shipping information

The links below provide information about various topics related to shipping.

  • Port of Amsterdam
    Platform of Havenbedrijf Amsterdam (Port Company Amsterdam) about current information, services and developments in the port region of Amsterdam. It includes an overview of arrival and departure times of seagoing vessels.
  • Rijksoverheid, Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate, domain Shipping (Government of the Netherlands)
    Information of Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management about ship registration sea shipping.
  • Rijksoverheid, nautical/inland navigation (Government of the Netherlands)
    Information of the Government of the Netherlands about various topics concerning nautical/inland navigation.
  • KNRM, Radio Medische Dienst
    Information of Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (Royal Dutch Rescue Society) about their Radio Medische Dienst (Radio Medical Service).
  • IMHA
    Information of International Maritime Health Association to promote the health of seafarers.